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Sometimes interns find themselves delegated to taking lunch orders and making coffee runs. That's just not the case with us. All of our internships are designed to give you the experience and the skills you genuinely need to build your resume and give your career an incredible start. So tell the V.P. to get his own coffee—you've got work to do!

Praxis is committed to finding the very best college interns for hands-on engineering opportunities. Our positions revolve around the pursuit of technical excellence, and we are interested in talking to students that have classroom experience and fascination within Software Engineering, Network Engineering, Systems Administration, and Database Administration disciplines.

The Praxis Internship Program seeks juniors and seniors who are interested in solving complex technical challenges, with some having a significant contribution to real world mission critical problems.

Summer internships run from May-August, with the opportunity to continue working for Praxis after graduation and over school breaks while still in student status.

For more information or to apply, please contact our Recuiting Department..