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Software Development

SOA Praxis specializes in building solutions based on modern software engineering practices and technologies including the development of:
  • Turn Key Service-Based and Service Oriented Architectures
  • Portal Development
  • Workflow Management Solutions
  • Legacy Modernization
  • Middleware Applications

TE Often the difference between the success and failure of the development of complex software intensive systems, is the effective implementation of those activities that support the development effort. Praxis engineers are certified in:
  • Configuration Management, Change Management, and Asset Management
  • Automated Unit, Functional, Stress, and Security Testing
  • Scalable Requirements Capture and Management
  • Life-cycle Document Management

embed rt Praxis engineers are skilled in the analysis and development of complex Real-time and Real-time Embedded systems.  We specialize in:
  • Protocol Processing
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Small Footprint Software
  • FPGA Solutions
  • Kernel Development