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Nuts & Bolts

Growth & Flexibility
Wherever you want to go, we'll help you get there. Our culture is one in which growth is both cultivated and celebrated. We tailor career development strategies to your goals, so you get both the support and the skills you need to succeed.

Praxis Facts:

  • Founded in 2002
  • Over 350% growth since inception
  • Over 280 employees strong
  • Over 50 active contracts
  • Headquartered in Annapolis Junction, MD with offices in Chantilly, VA in Aberdeen, MD and Linthicum Heights, MD

Top 10 Reasons to Work at Praxis.
  1. Everything AND the kitchen sink
    Great people deserve even better benefits, from comprehensive healthcare coverage and generous leave time to free fuel, a.k.a. all the snacks and drinks you want from our fully stocked kitchens.
  2. You can never work too hard, only too much
    You are not just a job title. That's why we tip the work-life balance scale in your favor.
  3. It's not about being billable, it's about being valuable
    Whether you're working onsite or in our offices, your role at Praxis is just as critical to our success as your coworker's.
  4. Innovation = no limitation
    We're constantly researching and implementing the latest technology so you've always got the right tools at your disposal.
  5. Feel the love
    As we've grown, we've retained that small company feel. When we say we have an open door policy, we actually mean it.
  6. Give pause to a cause
    Praxis is comprised of wonderfully generous folks. We believe in supporting the causes our employees care about. Bring us an opportunity to help and we'll listen.
  7. No one is an island
    Teamwork got us where we are today. Our collaborative environment allows you to maximize your true potential.
  8. No limits
    The work we do is exciting, critical stuff. No matter your role at Praxis, you're helping us keep the nation safe and secure.
  9. Growing forward
    We have a history of great achievement and, with each year, our company gets even bigger and better. As we grow, so does the opportunity for our employees.
  10. Let's play
    We host a variety of fun employee and family events throughout the year to say thanks for all that you do to make Praxis a technology leader as well as a phenomenal place to work.